Have you been fed up with your hairstyle and want to make a change? Then this is exactly the right time: Here are the most beautiful trend hairstyles for the summer of 2019.


The summer offers the perfect opportunity for a small makeover. Knitted sweaters and leather jacket can finally stay in the closet. Instead, airy, colorful pieces move forward. Not infrequently, the summer look also makes you want a new hairstyling. You too are thinking of cutting your hair for the summer or just trying out a new look?

Perfect! Because we have the 5 most beautiful trend hairstyles for the summer of 2019 picked out for you.


#1: Dutt Hairstyles

The Dutt is probably the most timeless trend hairstyle par excellence. Plus: super fast and easy styled. From the classic ballerina bun over the elegant chignon to the trendy macaron and half buns: the Dutt creations have no limits this summer.

You can spice up your bun hairstyle with statement earrings, fashionable 80ies braids or simple hair accessories such as a headband or bobby pins.

Tip: You have two left hands in hairstyling? Then put on a styling set for Duttfrisuren. This includes a Dutt Maker, a Dutt Pillow and Hair Clips – everything you need to style the perfect bun hairstyle.


#2: French Cut

You think about getting a pony cut? Then the French Cut could be interesting for you. This stylish hairstyle we have copied from the French. Fashion icons like Jeanne Damas, Sophie Marceau and Caroline de Maigret have long been focusing on the feminine, timeless pony hairstyle.

When French Cut the pony is cut in stages, so he seems a little too long deliberately. When styling, the hair is wiped from the face by a center or loosely pulled side parting. The casual trend hairstyle works as Bob or Long Bob, but also with long hair.



#3: Hairband Hairstyles

If you do not want to go to the hairdresser, you can change your hair with a new accessory, for example. Especially long satin ribbons for the hair are particularly popular. They will make your entire look look summery and a little like La Dolce Vita. You can wear your satin ribbon with an open mane, but also wrapped around the ponytail or bun.


#4: Semi-Open Hair

In the summer, you often use the braid to keep your hair out of your face? This problem can also be solved elegantly: Instead of a boring ponytail you can also wear your hair half-open. With this styling only the hairstyles are pushed backwards, which we usually clamp behind the ear.


#5: Wet-Hair look

The wet-hair look is not just for lazy and late sleepers. The fast styled trend hairstyle fits for the elegant evening dress. The hair should look like freshly washed. The easiest way to do this is to comb your hair straight back after showering and fix it with hair spray or gel.