Even if the summer is coming, you can give your hair a trendy beach look. We’ll give you 5 simple ways to lighten your hair naturally.


Anyone who has just returned from his beach holiday can usually look forward to many compliments at work: a tenderly tanned complexion, freckles and a sun-kissed mane to envy.


#1: Lighter hair thanks to lemon

You currently have dark blond or light brown hair? Then you can lighten it with some lemon. Lemon juice has a natural, lightening effect and gives our mane the perfect summer look with little effort.


Press approximately 7-8 lemons and dilute the juice with 100 ml of water. Put the mixture in your damp hair and let it act until your hair has dried. This trick works especially well if you let your hair dry in the sun, which additionally intensifies the lightening effect. Then you can wash your hair as usual.

Instead of fresh lemons, you can also use vitamin C tablets. Crush 10 tablets, mix the powder with your conditioner or conditioner and let it work for 15 minutes.


#2: Lighten hair with chamomile tea

Your hair is too strained for a real bleaching? Then you can try the gentle lightening trick with chamomile tea. Camomile is especially mild to our hair and to our scalp.

Boil 700 ml of water and brew about 7 chamomile tea bags. When the tea has reached a pleasant, lukewarm temperature, gently massage it into your hair. Finally, you can comb your hair so that the tea is optimally distributed in the hair. Washing is not necessary with this method.

Great: Although the lightening effect is not as strong as with other methods. But for the camomile tea brings your hair beautiful to shine.


#3: Honey for lighter hair

This popular beauty all-rounder also makes it into the top 5 for naturally brighter hair: honey. The flower nectar not only makes our hair brighter, it also nourishes it beautifully.

The simplest way to work the honey trick is to mix two spoons with your conditioner. You can also enhance the effect by massaging the honey with a hair mask into your hair and allowing the care pack to work overnight. This works, for example, with a hood or foil that you wrap around your hair.



#4: baking soda for lightening and against yellowing

Even darker hair you can conjure up a little lighter in the natural way. This works well for example with baking soda. Great side effect: The powder should also counteract a yellow or red sting.

Simply dissolve 2 sachets of baking soda in 250 ml of water and massage the viscous mixture gently into your hair. After about 20 minutes of exposure, you can wash your hair thoroughly.

#5: Beachblond with salt water

Even with homemade salt water, you can get back the beach look. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to 250 ml of warm water and stir until the salt has dissolved. Then rinse your hair with the salt water and let it work for about an hour. Finally, simply rinse your hair with clear water.

Your hair is not bright enough after the first salt water cure? Then you can simply repeat this process.

Important: Do not forget that salt water will add to your hair and dry it out. Care must be taken with a moisturizer or nourishing hair mask.