Have you had a pixie cut or a classic bob cut and now you want your long hair back? Then you can bridge the wait with these stylish transition hairstyles quite easy.


Once the hair is short, it’s a long way back to the beloved mane. Often there is a lack of patience and styling ideas on how to wear the hair during the transitional period. The good news: Long Bobs, medium-long hair and even a grown-out pony are currently in fashion. We’ll tell you the best styling tricks for each transitional hairstyle and what you need to look out for, so that your hair grows back as fast as possible.


#1: Outgrown Pony:

Also, if our hair seems to regrow very slowly in the lengths – the pony strangely loses its ideal length. Anyone who wants to finally say goodbye to his pony, is lucky, because a deliberately outgrown pony is just super popular. The ‘French Cut’ or ‘Curtain Bangs’ can already be styled with a pony length that reaches to the eyebrows.

The pony is carried in stages and deliberately a bit too long. The look works best with a loosely pulled center parting. The hair should not be perfect, but be casual and wild styled. The great thing: the trend hairstyle works as Bob or Long Bob, but also with very long hair.

Your pony is still too short for the ‘French Cut’, but still hangs in your eyes? Then you can put it off with an elegant satin headband or a trendy bandana.


#2: Let Pixie Cut outgrow

Sure, a Pixie Cut is a brave haircut that takes a lot of staying power until your hair regrows. But the transitional period can be much more stylish than you think. Important: Also, if you want to have your hair back as fast as possible, you should have cut out your grown Pixie Cut at the hairdresser to a soft step cut.

A great styling idea for the short step cut, for example, is the elegant ‘Sleek Hair Look’ à la Cara Delevigne. Also great: A deep side parting, where one side of your hair is smooth and tight on the head and the other side curled or worn with power volume. You can spice up the look with cool statement hair clips or XL bobby pins.