Sleep longer in the morning, but still look like you’ve stood in front of the mirror forever? No problem! Here are seven quick and easy hairstyles, with which you look top styled.

You do not feel like a boring ponytail, but you have no time to stand in the bathroom for ages and create a beautiful hairstyle? Luckily, there are a few hairstyles that turn a completely disheveled mane into a chic hairstyle in just a few simple steps. Because just in the morning or on lazy days, we can not go fast enough with the hair styling. We have seven great late-night hairdos for you that anyone can!

1. Trendy and fast: The Half Bun


The Half Bun is definitely the trend hairstyle of the year – and not just among hipsters. He is also super easy and made in a jiffy. Simply separate the upper part of the hair and bind it together to form a small bun. This may like to look messy and depending on what you like better at the top of the head or very deeply bound. The mini-Dutt you can now fix with a few hairpins, so he holds well.

2. We got the hang of it: The Spiral

The spiral is the perfect hairstyle for those who can not go fast enough in the morning. And in combination with cool statement earrings, the spiral looks incredibly chic. Just comb your hair back and tie a deep ponytail at the back of your head. Then screw in the braid, fold in the middle and let it twist. The ends can be stuck with hairpins. Finished!


3. Absoluter Eyecatcher: Der Loop

This hairstyle definitely makes an impression – but is ready in a few minutes. Tie your guard hairs to two pigtails at the back of the head. Then pull through each braid with a hair sling or your fingers, always pulling through the upper one with the lower one. The whole thing is synonymous only with a braid or even with three braids, who likes can also tie the entire hair to the braid. The loop looks especially cool when you pull out single strands to the typical Messy look.

4. Fast and easy: The Messy Dutt

The hair is in the morning criss-cross and no time for a complex styling? Then tie your hair together to make a loose messy bun. The ruffled bun is back on trend, for the perfect sofa look just pull out a few single strands. Style factor = 10, overhead = 0!


5. Let it hang: The Loose Braid

So it is really not easier! Simply tie the hair in Undone Chic at the neck to form a loose braid. Do not attach the hair tie to the top but down to the tips. The best thing is that you do not even have to decide whether you want to wear the hair open or tied together.

6. Her with the hair ties: the bubble braid

The classic among the long-sleeper hairstyles is definitely the ponytail. For those who are too bored with the braid, now comes the bubble braid! Very easy to style and the perfect hairstyle to stay in bed in the morning a few minutes longer. Simply tie the hair to a braid and “break” it with hair ties. You can tie a high or low braid, even a side look looks great. And the arrangement and number of hair ties is up to you.


7. Boring was yesterday! The plaited braid with a difference


Braids are always an eye-catcher. If you can not go fast enough, you should try this messy version of a semi-plaited braid, because the cool half-half version is ready in a few minutes: Tie your hair together in a ponytail. The braid can sit high or low – no matter. Now braid a short part of the hair and fix the braid with a hair tie. Of course, you can tie only the top hair together and leave the remaining hair open.