Who does not know it? Summer is coming and clothes are getting shorter and shorter. Every piece of fabric feels too much. The solution is in sight: linen. The natural fiber made from flax fiber has (to our luck) taken off its eco-image and has become the absolute opposite: an ultimate must-have for hot days. But beware! Wrongly combined, Linen loses its coolness. We’ll show you how to avoid it and how to become an absolute eye-catcher in a linen outfit!



The sporty-elegant linen look

You still have a short-sleeved, oversized linen blouse hanging in your closet and do not know what you should combine it with because it seems too simple and unsportsmanlike? Then this is the perfect outfit. Because your blouse is not lacking in sophistication, but only on the right pants.



The “right pants” to the white linen blouse, in this case, a wide pants with elastic waistband. This underlines the sportiness of your outfit and does not make the look look old-fashioned. In terms of color, all natural or blue shades are used to emphasize the white of the blouse. Of course, the right footwear should not be missing. In order to see this, your pants should not be too long. It’s best to wear a culotte, which will not only make your shoes visible, but is also absolutely trendy.



Your outfit is best rounded off with fashionable but classic sneakers. They underline once again the sportiness of your outfit, but do not let it look clumsy or inelegant. So that your look is consistent in itself, you should pick up here again the white color of the blouse. It is especially nice if your shoes have a raffia border. So the appearance retains its natural character.



And where does the whole thing, the woman so daily carries around? Do not worry, there is a simple solution for that too. Small things you can stow in the pockets of your pants. If you do not want to give up on larger, get a bag made of natural materials, such as those of BALI-BALI. Of course, the brave of you can also make a fashionable break by wearing a transparent fanny pack to your otherwise naturally harmonious look.


The casual linen look


The casual Linen LookaIf you want to protect your arms from the sun in the summer and therefore want to take a long-sleeved linen blouse, then this is the right look for you. Because even in warm temperatures, linen is good to wear. The fabric has good ventilation and thus has a cooling effect….



It’s best to choose a loosely tailored blouse with some special features such as a v-neckline. Tie straps on the sleeves leave various styling options open and you can also wear the sleeves a little shorter.



To keep your outfit summery and casual you should wear a linen shorts. A color difference to the blouse is also a must here. Like to choose a shorts in blue. Of course, not only the blouse, but also the trousers must have small details. The best is a loose-cut shorts with integrated belt that you can tie into a bow. Thus, you give the outfit a slight elegance.